History of the Site

If you want to dip way back into the archives, somewhere there's a Geocities page that I coded from scratch in high school. It was noteworthy because my SEO was unintentionally good enough to get my page at the top of the heap when you searched for my hometown using Webcrawler.

In law school, I acquired johnbenson.info and john-benson.com and coded a website by hand using HTML and CSS. It was one of my first experiences writing standards compliant markup. Shortly thereafter, I acquired bitninja.org which was a nickname bestowed upon me by one of my friends. It's also got a good ring to it. I can't remember what happened to that .info domain. Nobody trusted that anyway.

Since then I moved to a Wordpress site that was a pain in the ass to maintain. When I got married, I coded our entire website using VIM in an afternoon and about 200 lines of code and it was amazing. I followed suit with John-Benson.com shortly thereafter and ended up moving Bitninja.org over to Squarespace. In July 2017 I shook things up again and you're seeing the results right now.


  • This website is hosted by Squarespace, which is surprisingly robust and fun to use considering it's a filthy WYSIWYG tool.
  • The articles are usually drafted in some kind of plain text editor like Sublime or Atom, then pasted into the Squarespace CMS.
  • Yes, there is a way to get MultiMarkdown footnotes to work within the Squarespace CMS. The way I do it is to do all the drafting and proofing in Atom, preview it in Marked, then export it to HTML. Take that HTML that's on your pasteboard and dump it into the CMS in Markdown editing mode and you're dropping footnotes like a first year law clerk.
  • Almost all the photos were taken by myself using an iPhone of some vintage.

  • Nothing on this site should be construed as being legal advice.
  • All of my writing reflects the opinions of myself only and not any employers or clients.
  • If you'd like to use any of my content, please let me know and we'll work something out.
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