Thing of the Week - Marked

Brett Terpstra makes an incredibly useful tool in Notational Velocity Alt. NVAlt is a little program that lets you interact with any text files you store in a given directory. Pair this with apps on iOS such as notesy and Dropbox, and you’ve got a really simple way to collect all kinds of stuff. The quick full text searching and some clever naming conventions makes things even more useful.

Among the things that NVAlt is great at is providing a preview of the output from Markdown. This week Brett released something else that is quite amazing called Marked.

Marked is a little program that runs alongside everything else and provides a real time preview of Markdown output. With a simple key combination, the HTML is copied right to the clipboard to be dumped into whatever destination you’d like. If a less nerdy destination like Word or Pages is more you liking, that output can be copied over too.

Output can also be pushed directly to a PDF, which is really quite amazing. I think this helps crystalize exactly what I like about Markdown generally. Markdown separates content from style, allowing the writer to focus on what they really sat down to do: write.

Marked is also a hell of a deal at $2.99.