Welcome to the New Bitninja.org

Hey everyone. This post marks the first in many to come on the latest iteration of bitninja.org. After getting really tired of having to deal with maintaining my own Wordpress install I decided to move everything over to Squarespace. More on the process here in a bit. First I want to describe how things are working for now.


There are two blog sections with separate RSS feeds. Feel free to add one or both to your favorite RSS reader. The main (unoriginally called "blog") feed will contain longer articles and essays that I write. The other is called the Echochamber. The Echochamber will have links to things that I may find interesting and for the most part pieces will appear in the so called "linked list" format as pioneered by Chairman Gruber.

The Transition

Squarespace makes it relatively simple to move from Wordpress to their service. After I moved everything over I did have to manually move articles from the structure as they were imported into the new structure. Kind of a pain, but with a little red wine and Miles Davis to keep me distracted from the monotony it wasn't too bad.

Unfortunately that means that I've borked any pre-existing links coming into the old site, made a real mess of the RSS feed and the URL schemes are certainly different. Sorry about that.

Future Content

At some point I'm planning on consolidating some of my published works and presentations at numerous conferences. I may also consider creating a place where those who come to my talks can get advance electronic access to the papers and e-books that accompany them.

The layout will probably be changing and eventually *.bitninja.org and www.bitninja.org will point over here as well. Feel free to reach out with feedback.