Well I Stand Corrected - SCOTUS to Rule on WarDriving

So I can't be sure, but I'm sure that there is a video or audio recording of me giving a talk where I flippantly remark that there really would be little reason to believe that a security issue like the legality of wardriving would ever reach the Supreme Court. 

Well what do you know? 

The biggest U.S. internet wiretapping program outside the NSA may be headed to the Supreme Court.

Google is asking the high court to rule on the legality of the company’s past sniffing of unencrypted Wi-Fi traffic in neighborhoods around the country as part of its Street View program. An appeals court last September found that the sniffing may have violated the Wiretap Act.

In a world where one man's networking tool (nmap, Wireshark, Driftnet) is classified as a weapon in some countries, getting clarity on these issues through our common law system is a good thing.

See guys? I told you that if you were patient things would work out. Now we just have to see what those ever so savvy Supreme Court justices think of all this. 

(Coverage via Wired)