Shawn Blanc covers the Origami Workstation on his site, The Sweet Setup:>…the iPad keyboard I prefer most is the Origami Workstation. There are a few reasons:*It’s separate from the iPad, thus not in the way when I’m not using the iPad with a keyboard (which is most of the time for me). *It holds the iPad similar to how a folio or keyboard case would. *It works with Apple’s own bluetooth keyboard, which is an excellent keyboard. I always keep the Apple wireless keyboard in the Origami in my backpack since I got it a few years ago. It’s great to be able to use the same keyboard at home, on my desk at the office or anywhere I travel. Making sure the keyboard stays powered off in my bag is harder than you’d think and the velcro is pretty worn out, but when it goes I’ll replace it with another one just like it.