It’s been a little while since there had been any changes to the website so I took a little time this week to spruce things up a little bit. Before I make a flurry of posts to push the old stuff off the first page here are a few excerpts from the change log…

*All of the old content from has been migrated and (in theory) should remain accessible via the old URLs as well as the new. That stuff is really old, but I keep it there because at least until I fell asleep at the DNS server people were still regularly accessing the content. I know I hate it when I run into linkrot and want to do my part to keep links, bookmarks, and citations working.

*I’ve created a collection of documentation and other short articles which talk about some commonly conducted forensics and electronic discovery tasks. It’s the kind of thing that I give out at CLEs and it doesn’t really make much sense to just dump into a blog post. I really hope to revisit these pages from time to time to keep them current. If you see something that is no longer accurate, or has simply become woefully outdated, drop me a line.

*I put together a categorized list of talks that I’ve given over the past few years. This was taken from the old website and is not current.

*If you happened to be one of the probably no people that had subscribed to the RSS feed, you may want to update your feed to reflect the domain instead. The old one should continue to work just fine for now, but I don’t plan on working around that in the future.

*For those of you who use Twitter, you can also follow me @john_benson which will have links to any new posts that I make

*Comments are on. I guess we’ll see how that works out, right?