It would seem that all of the iOS developers have finished up their big projects prior to their worlds being upended by new stuff to be announced at WWDC next week..

iOS 11.4 will be out by the time you’re reading this, adding AirPlay 2 and Messages in iCloud. Both of these must have been much harder to implement than was thought when they were announced at WWDC last year. Messages in iCloud is fairly exciting if you’re a message-deleter. Delete the message from one device and it should be deleted from all of them. Much like Photos in iCloud, this should make it easier for folks to get smaller iPhones as long as they pay a little for extra iCloud storage.

Ulysses is out with a regular update that makes some improvements to code block handling, as well as some other features that I don’t interact with all that much. Hopefully Markdown Table support’s on the horizon too. I switched to using Ulysses a few months ago after a year noodling around with Bear. It’s good for prose, but certainly isn’t a code editor, but that’s just fine.

1Password is out with a new version, that I hope fixes the lagging performance from the browser plugin I’ve been waiting through for the past six months ago.

OmniFocus 3 for iOS is due out in the next day. I’ve been using the betas and I’m pretty excited about some of the changes that Omni’s made to make the tool a little more flexible. It’s being released as an iOS App first, which is a real bummer as someone that uses the desktop version much more than either iPhone or iPad versions. Kourosh Dini has a nice overview of what’s new.

Things also pushed out an update that brings keyboard shortcuts to their iOS version. I played around with Things back in the fall and really liked it. It didn’t have a lot of the power features that OmniFocus did, but re-ordering stuff and planning out the day in the morning was really nice. I was about to switch when the OmniFocus 3 beta program opened up so I’m excited to try both of them. Competition is a good thing.

Drafts 5 was released a few weeks ago, and while it remains one of the more fiddly time sucking programs I’ve used, it’s a very neat update.