On 27 June, our advanced-warning system detected suspicious activity in our network, which, based on our investigation to date, appears to be related to a new variant of the “Petya” malware. Our IT team acted quickly to prevent the spread of the suspected malware by taking down our systems as a precautionary measure.  We immediately began our investigation and remediation efforts, working closely with leading forensic experts and relevant authorities, including the FBI and UK National Crime Agency.Our experts are working to bring our systems back online as quickly and safely as possible and we are aiming for our email system to be up and running today, 29 June. This is really bananas. A huge part of that firm has been without email for two days right before a holiday weekend. Hopefully they find some sympathetic ears when they have to ask for extensions for filing deadlines, although I’m not sure a small firm who’s compromise might not be so public would receive the same. Best of luck to everyone working to respond to this incident.